Chicken Tamale Pie


The semester is ending and I’ve got tons to do! I have a 20 page paper due on Thursday, but I’ve got 16 pages written, so I’m not too concerned. But it’s my big project this weekend – to finish writing and editing. That and working! I worked from 8-10 last night (not the most convenient time…) and I work from 4-9ish today! But besides all this work – I had a pretty wonderful morning. A couple friends and I went to the farmer’s market (the first one outside this year)! We arrived a bit late, so there wasn’t too much to purchase. However, this didn’t stop me from getting a succulent (sadly, one of my plants I’ve had for 4 years finally bit the dust and needs to be replaced) and a thing of homemade honey.

I also bought the most delicious kolache! This past week I got a $50 parking ticket (yuck), but in a somewhat-lucky fashion, my friend Jeff got one too. Following his advice, we went to the parking center and thankfully the tickets were cleared. Because I have more important things to spend my money on. Like alcohol. And socks. Anyway… back to food. To celebrate, Jeff suggested we go to this wonderful little bakery. I ordered the kolache and oh my goddddddd dead. dead. dead. dead. So freakin’ delicious! The bakery (Sweet Claires, for all you Bloomington folks) was at the farmer’s market and I got the same exact thing! It’s ridiculous how much food can make me happy. In case you were wondering, kolache is this savory bun with soy chorizo, goat cheese, and spinach inside. (Of course, there are other flavors too – I’m just addicted to this one.)

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