Oreo Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow

Do you know what’s good? Chocolate. Do you know what’s also good? Sugar. So let’s just put the two together and call it a day, shall we? I’ve completely mucked up my sleep schedule. I fell asleep at 8:30 (!!!) last night, woke up for an hour at 2, then slept until 6. So, what did I decide to do at 9 pm tonight? I decided it was the perfect time to start whipping together a sugary concoction. This makes a huge, delicious batch of puppy chow. However, I figured since I was visiting Kyle and his roommates this weekend, I’d bring it with me on the road and feed the leftovers to them. Because no one appreciates homemade food like college students. This is quick, easy, and delicious. I made it while watching “Downtown Abbey” (I’m on episode 3 of Season 1 – completely addicted). Make it only if you have a lot of mouths to feed or if you’re down to eat 10 cups of puppy chow (which more power to you – let’s stop feeling shame for enjoying delicious foods, yes?)

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