S’mores Cookies

I shouldn’t do blog posts when I’m hungry. I want to eat all the cookies. I’ve been gone for quite awhile from blogging because things have been crazy on my end! First of all – I finished up with finals and my first year of graduate school. It seemed nearly impossible at times and I questioned whether it was a mistake often, but I survived and overall, I’m happy. I have an overwhelming amount of work in front of me, but I’ve started, which is something.

Besides finishing up my first two semesters, I found out that I’ll be teaching all next year. HOORAH! FUNDING! No one (minus perhaps my parents) realize what a relief this is for me. I’ve been worrying about it a ton and filling out so many applications and I finally got a position that I think I’m going to be incredibly happy with! It’ll be tons of work, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. After finals and celebrating my new position, I headed out for a week with Kyle. It went crazy quick (like it always does), but I got to spend a lot of time with close friends which was a great destresser from school. I’m at home now for a friends wedding this weekend (first time as a bridesmaid!) before heading to Europe for a couple weekends! I’m starting to get excited, but it honestly hasn’t hit me that I’m going on vacation and not back to school! After that, it’s fieldwork then back to work! It seems like I have so much to do in such a short summer. However, I’m looking forward to cooking and baking in my free time and what says summer more than s’mores?!

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