Margherita Pizza


I’m alive! I’m alive! Yes, if you can believe it – I’m still cooking! I’ve been living with  my boyfriend Kyle this summer and we don’t have internet at his place (we’re cheap and we decided it would force us to read more). So, blogging and other internet things have gone downhill!

Summer has been going lovely, but I don’t understand how it’s already August. It’s gone too quickly! Although when Iook back, I do realize I’ve done a ton (see for a reminder). This week was fairly relaxed, going out with friends, working, studying Spanish, and reading in free time. I went home recently and my mom gave me some fresh produce from her garden, which included tomatoes and basil. Inspired by the simplicity of fresh produce, Kyle and I made an easy pizza. (Plus – I had been missing Italy, so this was almost as good!)

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