Cheddar and Chive Beer Bread

Is there anything better than cheese and bread? No. There is not. Besides, perhaps, chocolate.

Is there anything better than cheese and bread? No. There is not. Besides, perhaps, chocolate.

I’m awake early. Earlier than I’m usually awake on the weekends. I adore sleep. I wish I could be one of those people who thinks “you can sleep when you’re dead!” and fight to stay awake each moment. But… I’m not. I love snuggling up in my blanket and reading a good book until I pass out. I actually just finished my “for fun” book (which I only allow myself to read before bed) and I wasn’t too impressed. May write a post about it once I collect my thoughts, or you may have to live in suspense forever.

Anyway. Bread. Yes, we were talking about bread, weren’t we? Whenever people ask me, “if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you pick?” I usually answer bread. or cheese. or créme brûlée. Bread is perfect in its simplest form (no.. not white sliced bread from the grocery store) or more complex. My ma made this while I was home over break and I probably ate half of the loaf. The recipe is incredibly easy (for some reason, having to let bread rise intimidates me) and doesn’t require any special supplies. If you’re a new bread maker and are slightly intimidated (like me) you should give it a try.  Continue reading


Chocolate Protein Bars


it was difficult to patiently take this photo before I got to eat

When I started school, one other girl, Kelsey, was let into the program with the same advisor as me. Although we’re interested in slightly different things, she also started to work in the same archaeology lab as me, so we talk often. One of the awesome things about her is that she’s really into homemade foods and crafts, plus she eats pretty damn healthy. Although I started getting into more nutritious foods last year, as well as working out more, school had started to make wellness eating the last thing on my mind. But Kelsey has really inspired me to focus more on healthy eating and when I saw this recipe on pinterest, I decided to give it a try.

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Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread

Cheesy goodness

Cheesy goodness

I love cheese. I love bread. I love garlic. What could go wrong? Nothing. I’ve had my eye on this recipe for awhile, thanks to pinterest and I decided to make it one afternoon after my family visited. My mom is always so sweet and leaves me with tons of delicious food to eat each time she visits. When she and my Aunt Kathy stopped by and left a loaf of yummy looking bread, I decided to give this a try. Continue reading

Avocado Macaroni and Cheese


Well… I did it! I survived my first semester of graduate school. Although I cried and stressed, I made it. And overall, I really did enjoy my first semester. It’s hard moving to a new place and trying out something completely new, but I managed and met some great people along the way, explored a funky town, started two new jobs, and learned a crap ton.  (Plus – brag, brag – I managed to get all A’s in my courses this semester. Which was not the easiest task for me.) Continue reading

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are one of those ideas you see and you think, “How have I not thought of this before?!”

Or. . . if you’re like a normal person, you see the photograph, think “God – those have to be the most unhealthiest cookies in the world,” and then click to the next page.

Not me. I see things like this and I see a challenge. Must. Make. Them. Now.

I’ve made these cookies a couple times and every time I have my friends have told me how much they love me. I sent these to Kyle, my boyfriend, while he was deployed two or three times to eat and share with friends. After each package, he’d tell me how his friends would say he needs to propose to me pronto. Yep, these cookies are so good that they’ll encourage a marriage proposal. (No worries Ma’ – Kyle is not going to propose any time soon.)

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Funfetti Cake Batter Cookies

I just ate two of these. NO SHAME. I deserved them. Wanna’ know why? Because I just cleaned our disgusting fridge. If you would have seen the fridge before, you would have said I actually deserved 4 cookies. (Trust me, my ma’ has seen my fridge – she can vouch for me.) That being said, these cookies were ridiculously easy to make and I whipped them up one day after class when I wanted something sweet. Plus, these cookies remind me of childhood and for some reason my friend, Sam. (Did she eat a lot of Funfetti cake?!) More important question … do I eat a third?

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

I am out of control. And I have a stomach ache. But one of those stomach aches where you have no regrets because what you just ate was so. dang. amazing. I made these to bring into work and thank god I did, because these are deadly. So sugary and addicting, I am in paradise. (Have I mentioned these things are good?)

They are the perfect snack for grad school stress out eating. I know that I will absolutely be making these again for some family function and I will let everyone go into food comas with me. Because THAT is what family is for. Anywho, I present the most fantastic, chocolatey, cookie-dough-paradisey brownies.

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Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

Ahh… tomorrow is Labor Day. The day I’m supposed to have no work or responsibility and relax (aka catch up on my ridiculous amounts of readings). Right?


Unfortunately, I have to work all day tomorrow (10-5, not too bad). Good thing? I love my job and the people I work with are incredibly friendly and all around fun to talk to. Better news? I’m bringing in food to brighten everyone’s day.

I always buy bananas in the hopes that I will eat them and be healthy. Fruit = instant healthy in my book. However, bananas go bad so dang quick, so I find myself making sugary banana bread every month. Kinda’ the opposite of healthy, but still fruit!

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