Julie and Julia

Remember when I originally said I’d blog about recipes, crafts, and books? Well, I’m finally deciding to give the book part a try. I love reading. Sentences like that sound like a cliché, but there are actually people who don’t like to read (I know this, because my good friend’s boyfriend is one of them). One of the things I was most looking forward to for break was reading pleasure books. I spend most of my time pouring over articles from archaeology journals or books by prominent archaeologists. I love this reading, but it’s not as easy on the mind as something like “Julie and Julia” by Julie Powell. 

It’s no secret that I love cooking and baking, so it should be no surprise that I love to read books by chefs and novices to cooking. I started reading this a couple minutes after I woke up from anesthesia on Monday. I remember the surgeon going, “You’re reading? You won’t remember what you read.” Well what do you know doctor, I totally did – so suck it. (I’m so smug when I get to prove oral surgeons wrong in my blog…) This was an insanely quick read and although it got pretty horrid reviews online, I actually (somewhat embarrassingly) liked it.

Maybe part of the reason I enjoyed it is because the main character, Julie, kinda’ reminded me of myself. And isn’t that the reason people love books? They recognize themselves in them? The reason she reminded me of myself is the way she was neurotic and freaked out over little pointless things and would throw a hissy-fit over them. Not the best part of myself… but I’m known to stress out over stupid, little things. Plus, her husband would calm her down, which is one of my favorite things about Kyle. He may not always understand why I’m stressing out over not being able to properly separate eggs or using the wrong citation style in an essay, but he listens and comforts me.

Although this isn’t the best read – there were some sentences that didn’t make much sense and would require reading multiple times – I liked it and I think those who enjoy cooking would enjoy this guilty pleasure too. The characters seemed like actual real people and ones I’d hang out with on a regular basis. The kind of friends that you just show up at their house, with no warning, and don’t even think about how it’s kinda’ rude. Plus, it included an excerpt from another one of her books (who knew she wrote another?) about marriage, butchery, and an affair she had. It’s going on my “to rent” list. I’m intrigued about her relationship, since it seemed so functional in her first book, plus I like that she went into butchery – a predominately male-focused field.

In my opinion, this is definitely a book to rent from the library, rather than buy. Plus it shouldn’t be too hard to rent since this was at its prime 3 years ago (or hey – you can borrow it from me). I’m pretty behind on my reading… I have tons of books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet. And I have a feeling I’ll be getting more for Christmas (hopefully!)

Let’s hope these reviews happen more than once every 4 months… on to the next book!

The author with her book – this woman ate brains, killed a lobster, and boned a duck. Props.


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