Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are one of those ideas you see and you think, “How have I not thought of this before?!”

Or. . . if you’re like a normal person, you see the photograph, think “God – those have to be the most unhealthiest cookies in the world,” and then click to the next page.

Not me. I see things like this and I see a challenge. Must. Make. Them. Now.

I’ve made these cookies a couple times and every time I have my friends have told me how much they love me. I sent these to Kyle, my boyfriend, while he was deployed two or three times to eat and share with friends. After each package, he’d tell me how his friends would say he needs to propose to me pronto. Yep, these cookies are so good that they’ll encourage a marriage proposal. (No worries Ma’ – Kyle is not going to propose any time soon.)

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